From our home base in Albany in the Lower Great Southern Region of Western Australia, Albany Plantations specialises in the management and harvesting of quality blue gum plantations and the processing and export of woodchips for the international paper market.

Albany Plantations comprises the Albany Plantation Forest Company of Australia Pty Ltd (APFL) and the Albany Plantation Export Company Pty Ltd (APEC).

Our history in Western Australia began with the foresight of the former Directors of WA’s Conservation and Land Management and Oji Holdings. In recognising the need for a sustainable alternative to meet the demands of the global paper market, these visionaries were the driving force in the establishment of the first Eucalyptus plantations in the Lower Great Southern. APEC and sister company APFL were the pioneers of the development of the industry in Albany and surrounding regions.

The world consumes paper products in many forms and grades. Woodchips from Albany Plantations are made into toilet tissue and many other forms and grades of paper products.

APFL grows Eucalyptus globulus (blue gums) which produce a high quality woodchip that can be used for blending with lower grade materials or processed pure to produce a high quality paper product.

APEC is responsible for contract harvesting and chipping the mature trees. On average harvesting commences on a 10 year rotation. We process the timber through our purpose-built static woodchip mill to produce high quality woodchips which are transported by rail to the Albany port and shipped to Japan and other markets around the world.

Parent companies for APFL are Japan’s Oji Holdings, Senshukai and NYK Line (in joint venture) and for APEC are Itochu Corporation and Oji Holdings.

For more information regarding APEC/APFL operations or business please contact our office for Policies, Procedures including General enquiries.


Albany Plantations is committed to maintaining the sustainability of our operations.

For us, sustainability means that our activities can continuously be carried out in a way that protects the environment, makes a positive and viable social and economic contribution in the Lower Great Southern region.

From an environmental management perspective there is a single policy and two primary systems and standards that guide the ways in which we operate.

These are:

  • Environment Policy
  • Risk Management System (RMS)

We implement these through a range of internal operating procedures for all of the activities that we carry out.

From a social perspective, we have a number of policies and activities that serve to protect our people, our neighbours and that involve us in the community:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Human Relations Policy
  • Neighbour and Community Relations Policy
  • Stakeholder Engagement

We are also members of and participate in a range of local committees and councils.

From an economic perspective our operations contribute significantly to the local economy in the Great Southern Region.

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